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Welcome to Gray's team of Lead Generators, Cinematographers, Photographers, and creative entrepreneurs.  We are constantly evolving our craft and bringing new life to Gray's Studio each year. In 1910 my grandfather, Claude Gray, started the studio and it was a dream fullfillment of a lifetime.  Photography was something that allowed him to create a new life for himself and his family.  Creating something new and of worth is in our blood. 

Today Mason and I pursue the highest degree of quality & creativity for clients and ourselves on every skill level. Digital Ad Building, Film Making, Photography, App Design, and Web Design.  We have teams in Dallas/Fort Worth and Amarillo but travel to L.A. and N.Y.C. throughout the year for clients.  Our mission is to help grow business' by conveying their stories and ideas creatively with intent for viral growth. All of this to say we love to build upon our creative passions. 

-Art Gray

Art Gray

Art Gray

Mason Gray